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Futanaria – the job interview

Friday, August 13th, 2010

Futanaria screenshots

Dear Diary, Lauren bones  Mandy all the guts in the new video: Buckets of Cum Tits. Mandy Lauren is  applying for the job in "Cum Buckets Inc" a sperm bank for dickgirls. Through the interview the futanarias flirt with each other and Mandy plays with her penis. Lauren inspects Mandy the measures of the length of the penis, and feels her balls. Soon they are kissing and masturbating each other! Mandy Laurens takes the cock deep into her pussy and her ass moving up and down with excitement horny! She gets fucked hard with her legs eagle spreaded as she stroked the flesh and orgasms, sperm shooting across the room. To the end, both girls out of wack on a glass table and shoot their loads all over.