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Greetings my fellow readers!

You’ve probably already seen this address but to be honest I’d like to write about it even  further. So far many of you are asking about this site, is it worth of buying membership and so on.

The site  futanaria com is the only one of it’s kind (at least so far). There is no other website with such content! (believe me - I’ve been searching for a while – and as for porn I’ve seen many things since I’m in porn biz since 2001). So we already know the content is exclusive… After joining to futanaria.com you’ll get access to quite large (bi-weekly updates) archive and the site is running since last year… So it’s quite big now :)

Content at www futanaria com is available in WMV (and MOV/QuickTime) format with size 720×480  and can be easily downloaded – no shitty DRM, flash players. You can download full movies and enjoy whenever you want.

Many of you also asks what if those dicks are real… Well they aren’t real (huh, have you really believed in chicks that have 25inches cocks and pussies also? :P ). But does this really matter? I think what’s matter most is that those movies are really extraordinary and pleasant to view.  Just like in non porn movies – doesn’t matter that actor/actress doesn’t really die or sth. What’s important is that you enjoy the movie. So it’s with www futanaria. I’m sure you would enjoy this. If you enjoy anime/hentai porn and love futanari girls then you should definitely check this site out.

I don’t know how they do it, but the cocks look very real, they seem to even be joined somehow to the models so it want fall but I don’t have any idea how – maybe some sort of glue – that’s my guess.  What’s also nice the cocks really ejaculates. It must be some sort of complicated but the cocks really ejaculates after jerking off or fucking. I’ve seen before only small toy cock which have been able to simulate ejaculation, but you had to plug it into the cord…

And now some news for economical ones… Site costs 19.95euro (~$26,90) for first month then recurrs for 14.95euro ($20.16). Or you might buy 3month membership for 45.95euro ($61.95) – non recurring.  Base price is euro so when you go to site the USD price might be slightly different since the exchange rate changes all the time.. Since the site is payment is provided  by ccbill THERE ARE NO  “TRAPS” while joining to site (I mean hidden/sneaky “promo offers” which are checked by default as free, but then your cc is charged for some shit)

If you have read above text then you might

want to join to

 www futanaria com

8 Responses to “www futanaria com”

  1. mcjason Says:

    Hey dude!
    Thanks for comprehensive and exhausting info. I’ve looking for something like this. Really usefull!
    Btw. can you please some more free content? I have to wait for paycheck to join the site, since I’m a bit overdue :(

  2. admin Says:

    Hello mcjason!
    Sorry to hear that, hope you’ll get better soon.
    As for free content I’m trying to get more I could post but site owners won’t allow me post too much content. Believe me… I’m doing what I can. Next week I should be able to post some more videos (at least I hope I can).
    Meanwhile few more pics are coming :)

  3. mickey Says:

    I like the pics, it makes my cock hard. The cocks look very real.

  4. Mark Says:

    The dicks are made from the best quality latex (you can tell by the lighting difference when comparing the dick’s ’skin’ to the models legs) practically identical to the work done by most FX houses in Hollywood. The centers possess a tube and the balls are the containers (with a pump or under pressure)of a cum-like fluid which is most probably a combination of egg whites and a KY jelly like lubricant (water-based).
    The porn industry in the days of John Holmes often used an egg white spray when the main actor or stunt-cock ran dry. You can tell by the happy smiles on the girls faces, when getting sprayed (another give-away since most men only produce a couple of teaspoons full at best) that it has a sugar content and is obviously safe to eat/drink.
    I hope I didn’t shatter an illusions here but the truth will out. Have fun and stay hard!!!